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Credit Card Security Would you trust an old Baglady with your credit card details? I thought not!! That's why I leave all credit card processing to the experts at WorldPay and PayPal. These guys have been in the business since before the rest of us even knew the internet existed.
After they accept payment on my behalf, they won't even tell me what your credit card number is.

Privacy Policy I won't pass on any details about you. This data is not for sale, not ever and not to anyone. You don't even need to check a box. I won't send you emails that are unrelated to your order, and when your order has been completed you won't hear from me again. No advertising mail shots. No chances to win a trip to Florida. No ingenious suggestions for making a fortune on the internet or 'enhancing' any part of your anatomy.

Seriously though, I may be guilty of making a virtue of a neccessity: it is against EU law for me to pass on any details about you. Furthermore, by law, if you ask me to I must remove all your personal details (including your email address) from my database. In other (less civilised?!) parts of the world these laws do not exist.

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FYI cookies are small files that websites store on your machine to remember things about you both during your visit and for the next time you visit. There is nothing inherently sinister or evil about cookies (despite their bad reputation) they just make it easier to do nasty and evil things to people who visit a website!
The famous example of this was when Yahoo tried charging higher prices to people who had bought stuff from them before than they did to new customers. This is not an uncommon policy, but there was a bit of an outcry, so Yahoo don't do that anymore ...and I never have in case you were wondering!
Unfortunately there are (and have always been) more sophisticated ways of pulling the same sort of tricks, so be careful out there. Caveat emptor!
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We also use Google analytics, which places several cookies on your computer. These ones don't expire!
That's it with cookies. We believe this usage of cookies is well within the 2012 EU directive designed to protect internet users' privacy.

Guarantee If you are unhappy in any way with your purchase, just return the vacuum cleaner bags to my returns address here and I will refund your credit card transaction in full.