You know that you need vacuum cleaner bags and vacuum cleaner filters, but you're not sure how to work out what vacuum cleaner model you have and as for changing the vacuum bags and do you do it?

Don't worry, help is at hand. I've made some HowTo videos to show you exactly what to do.

Video transcript

Hi, I'm Rob from, or you can call me The Baglady. I'm here to show you how to change the bag on a small vacuum cleaner like this one.

You might find your machine's not working very well after a while, probably because the bag is full.

So, the first thing we need to do is make sure that the power is unplugged, and once you've done that you need to replace the bag.

Now, the bag is sitting in here, just where the hose goes in, so we'll just take that hose out of there.

And it's attached to this plastic assembly here, somewhere round the edge, you'll find a slot or something, or a little clip that you can undo; in this one it's in the front.

And there's the bag right there, it's where the air goes in. We've got to take the bag out of here; what that involves is sliding up this cardboard section here out of this plastic assembly.

And you see that bag's quite full. We've got another bag to go in. This one's made of a newer type of material that works a bit better than the old paper bags. And we just slide that back in the plastic collar there...and this one, it just clips at the bottom.

Make sure that the bag is sitting right, so That it can fill up easily with dust as you vacuum, and don't catch it when you shut the plastic assembly back down. Just clip that closed, and that's it.

Job Done!

Rob (aka The Baglady) is demonstrating how to change the bag on an Electrolux Z3318 vacuum cleaner, but it's the same on lots of small cylinder machines.

He's using paper vacuum cleaner bags, but the technique is the same with fleece replacement bags.

The first video shows you where on your vacuum cleaner to find the information which tells you the exact model number of your machine. It's usually on a little rating plate, but can be hidden in several different places. Once you know the model number, it's very easy on my website to find the vacuum cleaner bags and vacuum cleaner filters that you're looking for.

Next up I show you how to fit the Universal Vacuum Cleaner Filters to your vacuum cleaner. These can be cut to size which means that they can fit almost any machine.

Then we have videos showing how to change the dustbag on 3 main types of vacuum cleaner. The first is for an upright vacuum cleaner, in this case it's a Hoover Powerpoint 1400W, but all uprights are pretty similar.

The next video shows you how to change the vacuum bag on a large cylinder vacuum cleaner; this example is a Hoover Aquamaster, but there are others including Vax and or course, Henry and his friends.

The final instructional video shows you how to change the vacuum cleaner bag on a small cylinder vacuum cleaner. The example machine for this is an Electrolux Z3318, but again there are dozens which are similar.

Hopefully these will answer all your questions, but you can always email me or contact me via facebook or twitter.

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