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I sell genuine and compatible bosch vacuum cleaner bags for a lot of Bosch vacuum cleaners. I'm always interested to hear if you think the genuine ones are better than the compatible ones. Feel free to Tweet me @_TheBaglady or email

Bosch is a company with a long history and a reputation for building quality products. Their home appliances company was set up in 1967.

They make very extremely good vacuum cleaners and many of their machines are Which? Best Buys

As well as bosch dust bags and filters, I also sell extension tubes, dusting brushes and a whole range of floor tools to fit your Bosch.

Now choose your model of Bosch.
These are the most popular models. (In alphabetical order)
Activa (incl. 60 61 62 63 and 63 Silence) Cylinder
Arriva (incl. BSG1400 BSG1500 and BSG1600) Cylinder
BSA... series (incl. Pro Parquet BSA2010 BSA2100 BSA2222 BSA2400GB BSA2502GB BSA2600GB BSA2622GB BSA2800GB BSA2822GB BSA2825GB and BSA3510) Cylinder
PAS 11-21 12-27 and 12-27F Cylinder
Sphera (incl. 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 30 32 BSA2100 BSA2200 BSA2822 and BSA2888) Cylinder
Here is the full list of Bosch models.
2002 Cylinder
2200GB and 2210GB Cylinder
2310 and 2320 Cylinder
Activa (incl. 60 61 62 63 and 63 Silence) Cylinder
Air Fresh BSGL3015GB Cylinder
AllRounder BSGL4000GB Hepa 2000W Cylinder
Alpha 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 and 29 Cylinder
Alpha 30 31 32 33 and 3102LTD Cylinder
Alpha 2200 2210 2220 and 2231 Cylinder
Alpha 2 (incl. 2011 20122015 2112 2432 and 2471) Cylinder
Alpha Plus 2001 2002 2310 2320 2323 and 2325 Cylinder
Arriva (incl. BSG1400 BSG1500 and BSG1600) Cylinder
BBS1... Cylinder
BBS20... BBS21... and BBS22... series Cylinder
BBS23... series Cylinder
BBS24... to BBS29... series Cylinder
BBS3000 to BBS3199 (incl. BBS3114 BBS3115 and BBS3131) Cylinder
BBS3211 and BBS3981E Cylinder
BBS4... (incl. BBS4110 BBS4230 and BBS4320) Cylinder
BBS5... (incl. BBS5000 BBS5161GB BBS5213 BBS5221US BBS5542 and BBS5813) Cylinder
BBS6... (incl. BBS6000 BBS6001 BBS6100 BBS6179 BBS6200 BBS6202GB BBS6317 and BBS6328GB) Cylinder
BBS7... and BBS8... Cylinder
BBS8340 Cylinder
BBZ41FP and BBZ52AFP1 only
Other BBZ... models (incl. BBZ6AF1 BBZ8AF1 BBZ8AF2 BBZ22 BBZ22AF BBZ22AFI BBZ51AFG1 BBZ52AFG1 and BBZ71AFK) Cylinder
BGL4332GB All Floor GL40 Cylinder
BGL4310GB/01 Cylinder
BGL8AAAAGB Ingenius ProPerform Cylinder
BGL8PETGB Power Animal Cylinder
BHS6... series Cylinder
Big Bag (incl. 3 Litre 3L 31 BBZ71AFK FD8703 FD8909 VCBS118V00 and VSO1E1800) Cylinder
BS50 BS51 BS52 BS53 BS54 BS55 BS56 BS57 BS58 and BS59 Cylinder
BS60 BS61 BS62 and BS63 Cylinder
BS502 Cylinder
BSA... series (incl. Pro Parquet BSA2010 BSA2100 BSA2222 BSA2400GB BSA2502GB BSA2600GB BSA2622GB BSA2800GB BSA2822GB BSA2825GB and BSA3510) Cylinder
BSB1... series (incl. Idea) Cylinder
BSC... series (incl. BSC1103 and BSC1201) Cylinder
BSD... series Cylinder
BSF... series (incl. BSF1103GB) Cylinder
BSG2070 BSG82030GB BSG81885 BSG82020 BSG82040 BSG82050 BSG82060GB BSG82077 BSG82090 and BSG8PRO1GB home professional only.
BSG7... (incl. BSG71266GB BSG71810GB BSG718109B BSG71825GB and BSG72025GB) Cylinder
Other BSG... models (incl. BSGL3015GB BSGL3126GB BSGL3126GB BSG41700GB BSG81880GB BSGL3015GB BSGL31266 BSG3126GB BSGL3205GB Compact Animal BSGL4000GB BSGL5126GB Pro Energy BSG52200GB BSGL5PROGB and BSG61870GB) Cylinder
BSN1800GB/04   Note: As sold in Tesco Cylinder
Compacta (incl. BBZ8 AF1 and 72) Cylinder
ErgoMaxx BSG81885 BSG82000 BSG82000GB and BSG82200 (incl. Hepa 2000)
Other ErgoMaxx   Note: Not BSG81885 BSG82000 or BSG82000GB - see above Cylinder
Excellence 130 and 1300 Cylinder
FD8311 Pro Parquet Cylinder
Formula (incl. Hygienixx Pro pets Pro energy BSG71800 BSG71810 and BSG72025GB) Cylinder
GAS12-30F   Note: Not Gas 25 Cylinder
GL30 (incl. AllFloor BGL3ALLGB BGL3B110GB Compact Allfloor Pro Energy BGL3B110GB BGL3126GB BSGL31266/03 BSGL3205GB Compact Animal and BSGL3240GB) Cylinder
GL40 (incl. BGL4310GB AllFloor BGL4332GB AllFloor BGL4ALLGB and Animal BGL4PETGB)   Note: As sold in Currys Cylinder
GL50 (incl. BSGL5126G AllFloor 2 BSGL5AL2GB BSGL5126GB Pro Energy and BSWGL5225GB) Cylinder
Hygienixx (incl. BS55 and BSG71800GB) Cylinder
Idea 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 and 19 Cylinder
Ingenius ProPerform BGL8AAAAGB Cylinder
Kids and Fun (incl. BS55) Cylinder
Limited range (incl. 3102) Cylinder
Logo (incl. BSG62010/03) Cylinder
Maxima series (incl. 41 42 43 BBZ4AF1 BBS4110 BBS4230 BBS4320 BBS4321 BBS4322 BBS4323 BBS4324 and BBS4325) Cylinder
Mega Air Bag (incl. BSGL5225G) Cylinder
Move or MoveOn (incl. BSGL2 BGL3522GB and BSGMOVE2GB) Cylinder
Nova Cylinder
Optima series (incl. 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 and 57)   Note: but not the 58! Cylinder
Optima 58 Cylinder
PAS 11-21 12-27 and 12-27F Cylinder
Perfecta (incl. 83 84 and 85) Cylinder
Phantom Cylinder
Powermax 1700W Cylinder
Pro Energy (incl. GL30 BSGL3126GB and BSGL31266/03) Cylinder
Pro Hygienixx (incl. BS55 BSG61870 BSG71800GB and BSG72070) Cylinder
Pro Parquet (incl. BSG61822 and FD8311) Cylinder
Pro Pets (incl. BBZ10TFG and BSG72025) Cylinder
Propower (incl. BSG61870 and BSG62400) Cylinder
Royal BSG1501 Cylinder
Sphera (incl. 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 30 32 BSA2100 BSA2200 BSA2822 and BSA2888) Cylinder
Silence 1300 1400 and 1600 Cylinder
Solida series (incl. BBS10 and BBS11) Cylinder
Speedy Cylinder
Starlight BBS2140GB Cylinder
Terrosa or Terrossa (incl. BBZ52AFG1 BS55 BSG4 and BSG41700GB) Cylinder
Type D (Bag type) Cylinder
Type E (Bag type) Cylinder
Type F (Bag type) Cylinder
Type G (Bag type) Cylinder
Type H (Bag type) Cylinder
Type J (Bag type) Cylinder
Type K (Bag type) Cylinder
Type M (Bag type) Cylinder
Type P (Bag type)
Type S (Bag type) Upright
VBBS700V00 Cylinder
VNBS100V00 Cylinder
VS04G... series Cylinder
VS06... series Cylinder
VS07G... series Cylinder
VS3... series (incl. VS32 and VS33) Cylinder
VS4... series (incl. VS42 and VS43) Cylinder
VS6... series (incl. VS63A00 VS63A07 VS63A1 and VS63A9) Cylinder
VS5... series (incl. VS5.A VS5.B VS5.C VS5.D VS5.E and VS5KA) Cylinder
VS7... series (incl. VS7.C and VS7.D) Cylinder
VS9... series Cylinder
VSZ3... series Cylinder
VSZ4... series Cylinder
Z6.0 Cylinder