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I've been selling vacuum cleaner bags online since 1999. I hope you'll be able to find answers to any questions you may have on this information page.

The small print: is the trading name of Bayswater Products Ltd (UK Company Reg: 2950952). Brand and model names of vacuum cleaners are given for reference only, the Bag Lady is not associated with any vacuum cleaner manufacturer, and wouldn't want to be!

It's a sad fact that there exist in the world today literally thousands of different types of vacuum cleaner bags. What a joke! Why can't vacuum cleaner manufacturers settle on a few standards? The reason is to force us consumers to buy only their replacement bags (as no others will fit) producing thousands of bags, and a nightmare for the rest of us. But why should they care if we waste days looking for the one we need?

Life is complicated enough already, so I aim to make your 'on-line experience' as pain free as possible. I try to provide a place where you can buy bags for any vacuum cleaner in the UK. If I don't have the one you want, I will try to find it, not just for you, but for the next customer who may need it.

If you have any comments or queries please email

Guarantee If you are unhappy in any way with your purchase, just return the vacuum cleaner bags to my returns address and I will refund your credit card transaction in full.


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