This video can help you to figure out what brand name and model of vacuum cleaner you have...

Now choose your model of Bush.
BC-302 Cylinder Cylinder
BC-402 Cylinder
BC-501 Pet Hair Cylinder
BCC1300 Cylinder
BU-202 Upright
BC-302 Upright Upright
DD2102 Saturn Cylinder
DD2401 Cylinder
DD2432B Cylinder
DD2490B DD2491B DD2495B DD2496B DD2497B and DD2605B Cylinder
DD2690B and DD2691B Cylinder
DD2820 Cylinder
DD6103 DD6201 DD6301 DD6402B and DD6450B Upright
Leo (incl. DD2495B) Cylinder
Pisces (incl. DD2690B) Cylinder
Saturn range (incl. DD2102) Cylinder

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