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Karcher are a specialist manufacturer that produce industrial vacuum cleaners for commercial premises including shops and hotels. You can find a full list of Karcher vacuum bags below to buy online today.

Now choose your model of Karcher.
8.2 Litre 9.533-211.0 Cylinder
A2000 to A2099 (incl. A2004 A2014CV A2024pt A2054Me A2064pt and A2074pt) Cylinder
A2200 to A2299 (incl. A2201 A2204 A2231 A2234 A2251 ME and A2254) Cylinder
A2400 Cylinder
A2500 to A2599 (incl. A2554ME) Cylinder
A2600 to A2699 Cylinder
A2900 to A2999 Cylinder
A3100 to A3199 Cylinder
Bag type 6.904-322 Cylinder
Bag type 6.904-329.0 Cylinder
Bag type 6.904-3050 Upright
Bag type 6.959-130 Cylinder
Bag type 9.533-091.0 Upright
Bee (tub vac) Cylinder
BV5 Back Vac Cylinder
CV36/2 and CV46 Upright
CV30/1 CV38/1 CV38/2 and CV48/2 Upright
CW30 CW50 and CW100 Upright
K2001 and K3011 Cylinder
K2150 and K2201F Cylinder
K2501 Cylinder
K2901F and K3000 plus Cylinder
MV2 Cylinder
MV3 MV3P and MV3Premium Cylinder
NT27/1 NT27/1ME NT30/1 NT65/2 and NT72/2 Cylinder
NT361 and NT2712ME Cylinder
SE4001 and SE4002 Cylinder
T7/1 and T9/1 Cylinder
T111 and T151   Note: NOT the T191 Cylinder
TBS30 Upright
TBS31 Upright
TBS32 Upright
TBS34 Upright
TBS35 Upright
TBS42 Upright
TK25 Upright
TSC 505 Cylinder
VC6000 to VC6999 (incl. VC6100 VC6200 and VC6300) Cylinder
WD2.000 to WD2.999 (incl. WD2.200) Cylinder
WD3.000 to WD3.999 (incl. WD3.300M and WD3.500P) Cylinder
Wet and Dry A2001 and A2251 Cylinder