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It seems that a lot of you have problems finding Nilfisk vaccum bags, attachments and flexible hoses to fit your vacuums. Nilfisk are a Danish company, founded in 1906, who started selling vacuum cleaners in 1910. They sell cleaning equipment for the industrial, commercial and consumer markets.

I sell Nilfisk vacuum cleaner bags and a variety of other items (crevice tools, extension tubes, floor tools etc) for many of the Nilfisk models. If you can't see what you are looking for, give me a shout!

Now choose your model of Nilfisk.
These are the most popular models. (In alphabetical order)
GD110 Viking Cylinder
GM80 GM90 and GM90 pop Cylinder
GM400 GM410 GM420 and GM430 Cylinder
GD90 GD90C and GD90D Cylinder
GS80 and GS81 Cylinder
Here is the full list of Nilfisk models.
300 310 320 320M and 330   Note: NOT Extreme X300 Cylinder
22300500 (Bag type) Cylinder
82215200 (Bag type) Cylinder
82367805 (Bag type) Cylinder
82367810 (Bag type) Cylinder
Action (incl. A100 A200 A300 and Action plus 44000160) Cylinder
Allergy Vac (incl. G90 and GSD) Cylinder
Alto (incl. Aero 400 and Aero 440 wap)   Note: NOT Attix 30 Upright
Alto Aero (incl. 2001 2011 2021 2501 2511 and 2521)
Astral Cylinder
Attix Cylinder
Bakuum Cylinder
CDB3000 and CDB3050 Cylinder
CDF 2010 and CDF 2040 Cylinder
Coupe series (incl. Neo Parket Parquet and Special) Cylinder
Cubic GD930S2 Cylinder
E210 Cylinder
Extreme Eco X100 X150 and X200   Note: NOT X300 Cylinder
Extreme X300   Note: Not a 100% perfect fit but these will do the job. Cylinder
Family (incl. CDF2010 and CDF2040) Cylinder
G90 Allergy Vac Cylinder
GA70 Cylinder
GD90 and GD90D Cylinder
GD110 Viking Cylinder
GD111 Cylinder
GD910 and GD911 Cylinder
GD930S2 Cylinder
GD1000 Family 4.5L GD1005 Business and GD1010 Cylinder
GD2000 Cylinder
GDS1010 Cylinder
GM60 GM64 and GM65 Cylinder
GM80 GM90 and GM90 pop Cylinder
GM100 Cylinder
GM200 GM200E and GM210 Cylinder
GM300 GM310 GM320 and GM330 Cylinder
GM400 GM410 GM420 and GM430 Cylinder
GM500 GM510 GM520 GM530 and GM580 Cylinder
GO series (incl. GM60 Centuria GM64 Glus GM65 and 22300500) Cylinder
GD90 GD90C and GD90D Cylinder
GS80 and GS81 Cylinder
GS84 Cylinder
GS90 Cylinder
GS400 Cylinder
GSD Allergy Vac Cylinder
GST and GST0437330 Cylinder
GU350A and GU450A Upright
HDS1000 HDS1005 HDS1010 and HDS2000 Cylinder
King / King Home (incl. GM510 GM516 GM580 Great Dane and Hygienic) Cylinder
Mocca (incl. GM520) Cylinder
NO82367805 Cylinder
Pelican Cylinder
Power (incl. 1471470416500 P10 P12 P20 P40 Allergy Eco Special and Super) Cylinder
PPT20 Cylinder
Sienna Cylinder
Silent (incl. Alto Saltix) Cylinder
Silver Jubilee Cylinder
Sprint (incl. GM100) Cylinder
Superking (incl. 510) Cylinder
UZ934 Ergo Clean Cylinder
VC300 Cylinder
Viking (incl. GD110) Cylinder
VP300 Hepa Cylinder
X100 X150 X200 and X300   Note: NOT X300 Cylinder