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Numatic specialise in domestic and industrial cleaning equipment and are even responsible for the popular Henry brand of vacuum cleaner. They make most of their products in Chard, England and have been doing so for decades.
In stock I have Numatic bags for over 60 different Numatic vacuum models. If you need help figuring out which Numatic vacuum bags are right for your machine get in touch through the contact page.
Now choose your model of Numatic.
These are the most popular models. (In alphabetical order)
Henry (incl. 1C HV200 HVC200 HVR200-22 HVR200A HVR200P and NVR200-22) Cylinder
NV200 NV225 NV250 and NVQ250B Cylinder
Here is the full list of Numatic models.
1C (Bag type) Cylinder
2B (Bag type) Cylinder
3B (Bag type) Cylinder
570-22 Cylinder
AV250 Cylinder
AV300 and AV380 Cylinder
Basil NB200 and NVB200 Cylinder
Charles CVC370 CVC375 and NV300 Cylinder
CVC370 Cylinder
David (1C) JVR225 and JVR235 Cylinder
Edward EV370 EVR370 and NVD402 Cylinder
EVR370 Cylinder
George (2B) GVE370 Cylinder
GVE370 Cylinder
Henry (incl. 1C HV200 HVC200 HVR200-22 HVR200A HVR200P and NVR200-22) Cylinder
Hetty Cylinder
HF360 Cylinder
HZ350 HZ356 and HZ360 Cylinder
James (1C) JV180 JVC200 JVC205 JVC225 JVC235 JVP180 and JVR225 Cylinder
MF300 MF360 and MFQ372 Cylinder
NNV370 Cylinder
NRV200 Cylinder
NRV370 Cylinder
NSP180A NSP200A and NSR200A Cylinder
NTD1002 Cylinder
Nuvac NVE-3 Cylinder
Nuvac NVN200 Cylinder
NV200 NV225 NV250 and NVQ250B Cylinder
NV300 (2B) Cylinder
NV350 NV360 NV367 NV370 NV375 and NV380 Cylinder
NV402 Cylinder
NV450 Cylinder
NV475 and NV500 Cylinder
NV570 NV572 NV575 and NVD575 Cylinder
NVD402 Cylinder
NVD570-22 NVDQ570-22 NVD572 and NVDQ572 International Cylinder
NVE3 Nuvac Cylinder
NVM-1CH Cylinder
NVP180 Cylinder
NVQ380 and NVQ402 Cylinder
NVQ570-22 Cylinder
NVR200 and NVR225 Cylinder
NVR370 and NVR375 Cylinder
RSV130 and RSV200 Cylinder
Rucksack (incl. RSV200) Cylinder
SE200 and SE250 Cylinder
SE350 Cylinder
Wendy Cylinder
WV370 and WV375 Cylinder