This video can help you to figure out what brand name and model of vacuum cleaner you have...

Oreck have been producing domestic and commercial vacuum cleaners for over 50 years. They make upright and compact vacuums and I have Oreck vacuum bags in stock for over 10 of their different models.
Now choose your model of Oreck.
BB-180 Handheld
BB280D BB280E and BB280DE Handheld
BB870ED and BB870EL Handheld
Buster Handheld
MV-160 Handheld
Wide Vac 3.5 Upright
XL100 Upright
XL200 Upright
XL888 Upright
XL988 Upright
XL2000 and XL Classic series (incl. XL2005RH XL2005HH XL2006RH XL2007HH XL2205RH XL2605HH XL2705HH XL2206RH XL2325 XL2455 XL2545 and all XL2000) Upright
XL5000 series (incl. XL5300 and all XL5000) Upright
XL8000 series (incl. XL8300 and all XL8000) Upright
XL9000 series (incl. 9100 9200 9300 9400 and all XL9000) Upright
XL Classic series Upright
XL U2565RH Upright

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