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Now choose your model of Pro Action.
214 OD Cylinder
405   Note: NOT the 4053390 Cylinder
340 Cylinder
405 3390 Cylinder
406-0424 and 406-0682 Cylinder
408 Cylinder
0923 Cylinder
3400 Cylinder
Compact 4053400 (as sold in Argos)   Note: NOT the 4053390 Cylinder
CJ021 and CJ051 Cylinder
CJ022 Cylinder
CJ032-EC (as sold in Argos) Cylinder
CJ053 Cylinder
CJ718 Cylinder
CJ985J-140 and CJ985J-160 Cylinder
DD818 Cylinder
EC2300 Cylinder
EXS65 (Bag Type) Cylinder
EXS334 (Bag type) Cylinder
P20 20 Litre Wet and Dry Cylinder
P30 30 Litre Wet and Dry Cylinder
SL204 Cylinder
TEK-VC0003E2 Upright
VC-230 Cylinder
VC300 Cylinder
VC-312 Cylinder
VC-358S-4 Cylinder
VC400 Cylinder
VC-940RD Cylinder
VC-2940RD and VC-2940NB Cylinder
VC-9108 Cylinder
VC-9330 Cylinder
VC-9903 Cylinder