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Now choose your model of Progress.
Blue (incl P152A and P153) Cylinder
Bolero (incl. P152 P153 P182 and P248) Cylinder
Bolido Cylinder
Calypso Cylinder
Chic Cylinder
Classic Cylinder
Compact Cylinder
Delphin 810 to 870 (incl. 811 820 822 823 830 831 840 841 842 844 850 851 860 and 861) Cylinder
Diamant (incl. 75 800 812 and P60) Cylinder
Exclusiv Cylinder
P45 Cylinder
P155 Cylinder
P562 Cylinder
P565 Cylinder
PC3300 to PC3399 series Cylinder
Power 1 and Power 2 Cylinder
Quattro and Quattro Infra Cylinder
Super   Note: not a perfect fit - but they will do the job! Cylinder