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I have Siemens vacuum cleaner bags in stock for over 80 models so you should be able to find the right bags for your machine below. If not, please get in touch and I'll see what I can do.

Now choose your model of Siemens.
These are the most popular models. (In alphabetical order)
Dino (incl. Super XS E) Cylinder
Kids n Fun Cylinder
Here is the full list of Siemens models.
A (Bag type) Cylinder
A12 and A13 Cylinder
Big Bag (incl. 3 Litre 3L 31 BBZ71AFK FD8703 FD8909 VCBS118V00 and VSO1E1800) Cylinder
Black Energy Cylinder
Blue Motion Cylinder
BS6 BS55 BS63 BS73 BS74 and BS93 Cylinder
Dino (incl. Super XS E) Cylinder
Dynapower (incl. VS08 and VSG2090)
Edition 150 Cylinder
Extraklasse L Cylinder
Family and Pets VS55B25 Cylinder
FD7202 Cylinder
G400 and G500 Cylinder
G1800 and G1860
Kids n Fun Cylinder
King Cylinder
King Pure Cylinder
Olympic Edition (incl. VS4 X9150 and X9250) Cylinder
Rapid VS04G.... Cylinder
Silver Class Canister Model VS63A00/04 Cylinder
Smiley (incl. VS01) Cylinder
Super 50 52 and 58 Cylinder
Super E series (incl. VS32.. and 720) Cylinder
Super L series (incl. VS9...) Cylinder
Super M series (incl. VS7...) Cylinder
Super S series (incl. VS420 and VS4....) Cylinder
Super 2300 2400 and 2500 Cylinder
Super VS100 series (incl. 101 and 120 electronic) Cylinder
Super VS500 to VS599 (incl. VS510 VS511 and VS521) Cylinder
Super XSS Speedy Cylinder
Syncropower Cylinder
Technopower Cylinder
Typ: G (Bag type) Cylinder
Typ: K (Bag type) Cylinder
Typ: P (Bag type)
VBBS600V00 Cylinder
VM20000 to VM20999 series Cylinder
VR9... series (incl. VR90000 to VR99999) Cylinder
VS01... series Cylinder
VS04 VS04G VS05 VS05G VS06 VS06G VS07 and VS07G (incl. Synchropower and Greenpower) Cylinder
VS5.A VS5.B and VS5.C series Cylinder
VS10A00 to VS19A99 Cylinder
VS23 VS24 and VS25 Cylinder
VS32 and VS33 Cylinder
VS42 and VS44 Cylinder
VS44A06 VS50 VS52 VS51 VS54A01 VS55B25 Family and Pets and VS58 Cylinder
VS6 series (incl. VS60A) Cylinder
VS63A00 VS63A07 and VS63A1 to VS63A9 Cylinder
VS 7 series Cylinder
VS7C... and VS7D... series Cylinder
VS71 Cylinder
VS72A to VS72B series Cylinder
VS73A to VS73B series Cylinder
VS74A to VS74B series Cylinder
VS72A02 Cylinder
VS90A VS91A VS92A VS93A VS94A VS95A VS96A VS97A VS98A and VS99A Cylinder
VS91 Cylinder
VS581 and VS583F Electronic Cylinder
VS720 and VS723 Cylinder
VS902 VS910 VS911 VS912 VS913 VS914 VS915 VS916 VS917 VS918 VS919 and VS920 Cylinder
VS5000 to VS5833 Cylinder
VS7100 to VS7131 Cylinder
VS9100 to VS9141 (incl. VS9101 VS9102 VS9103 VS9104 VS9105 VS9106 VS9107 VS9108 VS9109 VS9110 VS9111 VS9112 VS9113 VS9114 VS9115 VS9116 VS9117 VS9118 VS9119 VS9120 VS9121 VS91222 VS9123 VS9124 VS9125 VS9126 VS9127 VS9128 VS9129 VS9130 VS9131 and VS9140) Cylinder
VS9250 Cylinder
VS10000 to VS10999 (incl. VS10132GB) Cylinder
VS50000 to VS50999 Cylinder
VS60000 to VS60999 Cylinder
VS70000 to VS70999 Cylinder
VSZ42200 Cylinder
VZ51AFG1 (Bag type) Cylinder
VZ52AFP (Bag type)
VZ71AFK (Bag type) Cylinder
X9150 and X9250 Cylinder
Z3.0 series (incl. VSZ31455 VSZ32215 and VSZ3XTRM) Cylinder
Z4.0 series Cylinder