This video can help you to figure out what brand name and model of vacuum cleaner you have...

Now choose your model of Tornado.
28 Cylinder
40 Cylinder
Airmax range (incl. ZAM6221 ZAM6271 2008 ZAM6105 ZAM6106 and ZAM7025) Cylinder
Bolido (incl. S200 and Z4510) Cylinder
CA6200 to CA6230 Cylinder
Essensio Cylinder
MC3 Cylinder
Modelys Cylinder
Modulo Cylinder
Plein Air (incl. 28 and 40) Cylinder
Super Pro (incl. TO55) Cylinder
TO30 to TO50 Cylinder
TO1500 to TO1750 Cylinder
TO4500 to TO6399 (incl. TO4565N Campus TO4570 and TO4571) Cylinder
TO3150 Cylinder
TO4120 to TO4160 Cylinder
TO4210 TO4212 TO4215 TO4216 and TO4217 Cylinder
TO6400 to TO6451 (incl. TO6441) Cylinder
TO6510 to TO6530 Cylinder
TO6600 to TO6630 Cylinder
TO6710 to TO6730 Cylinder

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