This video can help you to figure out what brand name and model of vacuum cleaner you have...

Now choose your model of Truvox.
8366 Upright
Aqua Valet Cylinder
Evolution (incl. RX-30) Upright
Quickdraw (incl. VUV-QD) Upright
RX30 Upright
Sapphire Upright
UT950 Upright
V6 Cylinder
V9 and V10 Cylinder
V22 V23 V24 V25 V26 and V27 Cylinder
VA20 VA30 and VA40 Cylinder
VA40 Cylinder
Valet Aqua (incl. 6-154 and VA40) Cylinder
Valet Commercial Upright Upright
Valet V22 V23 V24 V25 V26 and V27 Cylinder
Valet VA20 and VA30 Cylinder
VC series (incl. A) Cylinder
VUV-QD Quickdraw Upright

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