This video can help you to figure out what brand name and model of vacuum cleaner you have...

Now choose your model of Ufesa.
AC-3515 AC-4416 and AC-34516 Cylinder
AS-1915 and AS-1916 Cylinder
AS-2014 AS-2015 AS-2016 and AS-2018 Cylinder
AT-740 Cylinder
AT-4125 Cylinder
AT-4201 and AT-4202 Cylinder
AT-4203 AT-4213 AT-4214 AT-4215 and AT-4216 Cylinder
AT-7308 Cylinder
AT-7309 Cylinder
AT-7407 Cylinder
AT-7501 and AT-7502 Cylinder
AT-7506 Cylinder
AT-9019 Cylinder
EL-7407 Cylinder
FA-7215 and FA-7216 Cylinder
JC-801E Cylinder
Mousey AT-7407 AT-7410 AT-7313 AT-7506 and AT-7507 Cylinder

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