This video can help you to figure out what brand name and model of vacuum cleaner you have...

Now choose your model of Volta.
200 Cylinder
500 501 502 502S 503S 504 and 505 Upright
550 and 560 Upright
Apollo (incl. UZ872 and UZ932) Cylinder
Bolido (incl. S200 and Z4510) Cylinder
Elite (incl. U60 and U70) Cylinder
Rolfy Cylinder
Sprite (incl. U9901 and U9903) Cylinder
U60 U61 U62 U63 U64 U65 U66 U67 U68 U69 U70 and U90 Cylinder
U76 Cylinder
U208 to U280 (incl. U228 U229 U239 U208G and U260R) Cylinder
U460 and U470 Cylinder
U2700 Cylinder
U2800 Cylinder
U3370 Cylinder
UZ872 and UZ932 Cylinder

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