This video can help you to figure out what brand name and model of vacuum cleaner you have...

Sourcing vorwerk vacuum bags and attachments can be a bit of a nightmare, but happily I can help! There is also the added confusion of people mistaking the cleaning head number for the vacuum cleaner model. (If you're struggling to work out which model your vacuum cleaner is, the video here will help you work it out)

Vorwerk are a German company and in their current vacuum cleaner line is the Kobold. I stock bags and filters for many of these including the VK118, VK120 & Kobold 135. I also sell some bags for the much older machines (you can see that they last!) including the Vorwerk Tiger range from the 1980s and 1990s. They even come with a handy red light to tell you when the bags is full, how very helpful.

Now choose your model of Vorwerk.
Elektrowerke Upright
ET340 Upright
FP131 (Bag type) Upright
FP135 (Bag type) Upright
Kobold 118 119 120 121 and 122 Upright
Kobold VK135 and VK136 Upright
Kobold VK130 and VK131 Upright
V120 and V121 Upright
VK118 Upright
VK119 Upright
VK120 VK121 and VK122 Upright
VK130 and VK131 Upright
VK135 and VK136 Upright
Kobold VK140 and VK150 Upright

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