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Now choose your model of Zanussi.
AZ1165 and AZ1185 Cylinder
ZAN2300 and ZAN2305 Cylinder
ZAN3002EL Cylinder
ZAN330 to ZAN3342 (incl. ZAN3319) Cylinder
ZAN3600 ZAN3610 ZAN3615 ZAN3620 ZAN3625 and ZAN3630 Cylinder
ZAN3713 Cylinder
ZAN3911 Cylinder
ZAN3910 Cylinder
ZAN3913 Cylinder
ZAN3920 ZAN3930 and ZAN3940 Cylinder
ZAN4610 ZAN4620 ZAN4622 and ZAN4640 Cylinder
Equipt ZANEQ10 and Equipt ZANEQ10+ Cylinder